Organizing on a budget


I’m really terrible at organizing! Honestly, nobody should be taking me as an example. Just have a look at the before pictures and you’ll understand. So I’m not here to give anyone advices on how to organize, don’t worry. I just felt like I finally achieved something in that domaine, and I decided to share that with you :).

My main organizing failures were the entryway and the craft bookcase. It could hardly be any worst than that.

For the entry way I bought this pretty piece of furniture at Target, but I soon realized that it is a catastrophe.

Here it is, the sad before picture :

Main issues: not enough space. Semi decorated. Constant mess.

Solution :
1. DIY shelf that my hubby added.
Now I can have that pretty pair of shoes exposed, and the comfy one hidden underneath:).

2. Big chunky basket.
Perfect place for scarfs, gloves, baby shoes and my bag.

3. Practical decor.
Now the painting is actually hiding the light switch. There is a bowl for the change and the keys.

4. Lighting. Adding the 4$ Target lamp was pretty much the best idea ever !

And here is the after :

And now please have a look at my personal failure , the craft/ kid activity bookshelf.

Main issues: zero organization, huge mess, old projects mixed with supplies and books.

The disastrous before:


Solution :

1. Saying goodbye.
Throwing away old projects, coloured through books, and unused cookbooks really made a change.

2. Adding storage options.
As much as baskets are a great organizing solution, throwing everything in one, doesn’t actually solve the organizing problem (lol). So I added different sized jars from IKEA to contain the weirdest stuff πŸ™‚

And here is the after :


So if you too feel like organizing a space is beyond your capacities, try :
– throwing away / giving away stuff
– adding baskets and smaller containers

My places to buy them cheap are : Ikea, Target,or Home Sense. You can also try garage sales and Salvation Army.

So, are you good in organization? What are your tips and tricks ? I’d love to know ! πŸ™‚

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