Organizing on a budget


I’m really terrible at organizing! Honestly, nobody should be taking me as an example. Just have a look at the before pictures and you’ll understand. So I’m not here to give anyone advices on how to organize, don’t worry. I just felt like I finally achieved something in that domaine, and I decided to share that with you :).

My main organizing failures were the entryway and the craft bookcase. It could hardly be any worst than that.

For the entry way I bought this pretty piece of furniture at Target, but I soon realized that it is a catastrophe.

Here it is, the sad before picture :

Main issues: not enough space. Semi decorated. Constant mess.

Solution :
1. DIY shelf that my hubby added.
Now I can have that pretty pair of shoes exposed, and the comfy one hidden underneath:).

2. Big chunky basket.
Perfect place for scarfs, gloves, baby shoes and my bag.

3. Practical decor.
Now the painting is actually hiding the light switch. There is a bowl for the change and the keys.

4. Lighting. Adding the 4$ Target lamp was pretty much the best idea ever !

And here is the after :

And now please have a look at my personal failure , the craft/ kid activity bookshelf.

Main issues: zero organization, huge mess, old projects mixed with supplies and books.

The disastrous before:


Solution :

1. Saying goodbye.
Throwing away old projects, coloured through books, and unused cookbooks really made a change.

2. Adding storage options.
As much as baskets are a great organizing solution, throwing everything in one, doesn’t actually solve the organizing problem (lol). So I added different sized jars from IKEA to contain the weirdest stuff 🙂

And here is the after :


So if you too feel like organizing a space is beyond your capacities, try :
– throwing away / giving away stuff
– adding baskets and smaller containers

My places to buy them cheap are : Ikea, Target,or Home Sense. You can also try garage sales and Salvation Army.

So, are you good in organization? What are your tips and tricks ? I’d love to know ! 🙂

Now go & be lovely


Some days I need this extra motivation to do what I need to do, to be who I wish to be. So this is my inspirational quote for today. Because I need to take care of myself, and I’m tired of my nursing mommy style. Or I just need a new haircut. Gasp. So I created this inspirational quote, using the Rhonna App, that I absolutely adore! I’ll print and hang it in my home office, as soon as it will be finally done,(another gasp). I’ll keep you updated on that, I promise :).

Until then, here are some actual printables from around the blogosphere, that you can print and hang,that I love, and I figured that you might too :

Because you should never let people to mess up with your inner shine, head over to the 30 Handmade Days blog


This one is a perfect reflection of my cooking philosophy, you can get it at the Five Heart Home blog :


And the last one that I love , from The 36th avenue blog :

Would you be using any of these? Do you like decorating with printables? If you do, and you’d wish to see more, go check my Pinterest printables board, it’s jam packed with amazing blogger creations!

Family kitchen inspirations

You might not know it , but I’m a Pinterest junkie. And a decoration freak. That means I’m a home ideas hoarder:). You might want to visit my Pinterest boards, to see the amount of inspiration I’ve gathered. And today I just want to share some of my recent favourites!

So since I’m never truly done decorating, here are some of my inspiration for the perfect family kitchen. You know, the perfect spot to cook, plan your week, do homework and laugh :).

First, a coffee station! Even if you are not a parent to young kids, you might want one like that! I know it’s on my to-do kitchen list! If you’d like to see more of this fabulous family kitchen from The Inspired Room blog clic here.


Second,I need a place to expose kids art, like this from Apartment Therapy


Third, adding more colours to my breakfast nook. I need to finally paint my chairs, like this


And I really think that a chalkboard wall is one of the best ideas for a great family kitchen! You can’t say that you lost that to-do list of yours anymore! For more pictures click here.


This is my inspirational list of my kitchen improvements, I’ll keep you updated with the results, I promise :)!

Mom’s summer style

Ok, so the point is that since becoming a mother my point of view on fashion slightly changed. It’s not about what is sexy, cute and fun as it used to be. ( and I do admit it with a sight ). It’s all about comfort in stead :). The comfort of nursing a baby. The comfort of running around after a screaming toddler. The comfort of sitting on the ground and playing blocks. And so on:). So after comfort comes cute and fun. And let’s just forget about the sexy;) . Here are my comfy and in my opinion fun pieces for summer, the ones in which it’s possible to breastfeed, run and play 🙂 :

Mom's summer style

Lounge patio inspiration

Before setting the patio I decided that we needed a place not only to grill and eat, but also to lay down with a book and cuddle with our babys. Not to mention having drinks on the hot summer evenings. So this is my inspirational board that I made to capture the atmosphere I wanted to creat, and to help my husband visualize the final effect.

Lounge patio inspiration

Navy outdoor rug

Outdoor rattan chair
$590 –

Patio furniture

Metal lantern

Linea silk flower arrangement
$25 –

Flower pot

Flower pot

Feminine spring finds

Do you know what a muffin top is? How about a mummy tummy? Does it ring a bell? It’s not always easy to dress that postpartum body, I know that for sure. But even thought sometimes it’s a bit challenging, I love my body now more then ever because it give me two beautiful children 🙂 So instead of felling bad, let’s embrace our bodies and dress it with love. Here is some feminine and muffin top friendly outfits I found. You welcome 🙂 .

Feminine spring finds

Strapless dress

Phase Eight white shirt
$61 –

Dorothy Perkins peplum top

River Island skirt
$59 –

Mother’s Day gift inspiration

Do you know that Mother’s Day is approaching? It’s the time to show your mom how much you apprieciate all that she did for you. And I must admit that since I became a mom too, I understand more her choices and I’m more thankfull for her sacrifice.. Because we all have to let something go when we became I already have my gift, do you?

Mother's Day gift inspiration

Marc Jacobs perfume fragrance
$88 –

Body cleanser
$25 –

Banana republic scarve

Juliska colorful dinnerware

Sunny spring style for nursing mom

Here where I live spring didn’t really came yet, we even had a snow storm a couple of days ago.. Which makes me fell desesperated for spring! I can’t wait to wear dresses, flats, and to leave home with children without a half an hours of dressing them in all that winter gear. But for now, I’m preparing my wardrobe 🙂

Sunny spring style for nursing mom

Yellow jacket

Drawstring tote
$50 –

Nursing mom first days style essentials

The truth is that in these first days with a new born baby all we really need is sleep. And a healthy baby of cours. But if beyond these two real essentials there is something else that matters it’s comfort while nursing your baby. So thirst cute pyjamas, second , easy no fuss make-up and third a big cup of coffe !

Nursing mom first days style essentials

Eos beauty product
$10 –

Cropped pants

H&M Slippers
$12 –

Coffee mug
$8.99 –

Roxy ROXY NIGHT Top turquoise
$53 –

Breastfeeding mom style

Here is another outfit that I’ll be rocking pretty soon : loose-fit fuchsia blouse, of course with buttons in the front, comfy jeans, some cute flats, and lovely accessories.

Nursing mom style

Black glitter flat

Beige purse
$38 –

Circle earrings
$37 –

L Oréal Paris lipstick
$13 –