Two color breakfast blueberry banana & pineapple cocktail


I just love starting the week with a healthy breakfast! It gives me energy and motivation to cook fresh and healthy all week. As if the way of starting the week would determine if we’d stick to the healthy and good-for-you routine, or not. You don’t want to know what we eat if we don’t. Lets just say that big quantities of cheese, bread and pasta are involved ;). But coming back to this delicious, two-color cocktail, it really gives you the happy-full-of-energy feeling that you might need on Monday! And actually it’s half blueberry yogurt shake, and half banana pineapple smoothie, so you get two colors and two textures as well:).

1 cup natural Greek yogurt
1 1/2 cup blueberries

2 ripe bananas
1 cup pineapple cut in cubes

Mix yogurt with blueberries, set aside.Mix bananas with pineapples, and pour on top of your blueberry shake. Top it with some blueberries. Enjoy your morning !


Peanut butter and banana shake


For a long time I was very suspicious towards peanutbutter shakes. Can it really be good? I doubted. But one of these mornings I was standing in front of these super ripe, eat-me-now bananas and I was wandering what to do with them.. Didn’t have any other fruits to make a smoothie or a shake, and it was way to hot to bake! So I tryed this peanut butter banana shake.. And it was delicious ! What a satisfying breakfast it makes. And quite nutritious too ! :). You could make it with soya or almond milk as well. And I used all natural peanutbutter, that I really highly recommend: it’s less sweet but more peanutty in taste, and of course more healthy in the end :).

For two portions :
2 cups of milk
2 very ripe bananas
1 cup of natural peanutbutter

Mix it all in a shaker, and serve fresh :). Or take it with you as a breakfast on the go ! 🙂

Refreshing watermelon cocktail


When the heat waves hit Montreal, the air gets humid and the sun literally burns. That’s when I almost wish for the winter to be back. Which is totally crazy, because we get snow until late April and it’s freezing like in Antarctica here ( or almost 😉 ). We need refreshment. I started buying these frozen lemonades that you mix with water… I guess it was the heat that blurred my thinking, because they are soo full of sugar it’s crazy! But unfortunately Lilianne, got semi addicted, and she’s been asking me ever since to give her some. I had to came up with a healthier drink. And here it is : watermelon cocktail that is super refreshing and really very easy. And it is toddler approved!

For 2 medium servings :
2 cups of watermelon cut in cubes
1 ripe banana
1 lime

Put all in the blender (except for lime peel), mix and serve 🙂 .
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Mango banana lime smoothie


Another smoothie recipe! You might think that all we have are smoothies and shakes 🙂 ! The truth is that I love fruits, but in their liquid form. And my daughter seems to think it’s some kind of super treat she’s having for good behaviour! This kid loves her smoothies more than candies :). So this mango banana smoothie is in my humble opinion, one of the best fruit marriages ever. Of course you could make it only with fruits, or you can go one step further and add ice cream… And now you have a perfect summer treat !


2 ripe bananas
1 ripe mango
1/2 lime
1 cup vanilla ice cream

Mix bananas, mango and ice cream in a blender,then add lime juice and enjoy when it’s still cold and fresh !

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Awesome rice milk fruit shake


Before I introduce to you rice milk as a perfect substitute for regular milk in shakes, let me brag about me being featured as a pinner of the week on Pin-n-Tel! This great site is all about Pinterest. You can click here to check it out :).

And now coming back to this delicious rice milk shake. For a while now I’m trying to cut our animal products consumption habits. No, I’m not trying to become vegetarian. As much as I would like to be one, I just can’t. When I was a university student I tried to stop eating meat completely, and guess what? After 10 months I was dreaming about it, and then once I was hiding in my grandmas kitchen and eating some meat stew right from the pot. So that got me thinking 🙂 so I’ve just stopped trying. I figured my body obviously needs meat protein. But I’m still very empathic toward the life of animals, and I think that the way we produce meat became inhumane. And I believe that for the sake of greener living we should eat less meat and dairy products. So I’m introducing different kinds of milk to my family. Me and my daughter we love soya milk. My hubby is a fan of almond milk. And we just discovered that rice milk is perfect for shakes!

1 ripe banana
1 cup strawberries
1 cup rice milk

Shake it, serve it fresh and enjoy !

Iced banana & coffee shake


I love coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, filter, all of it. And this banana and coffee shake is my go to option for one of these hot summer afternoons when I feel like treating myself on to something special. It’s a great alternative to a regular iced coffe, and you can do it with cold milk, or ice cream. Of course the ice cream option is the best :).

Ripe banana
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
1 cup of freshly brewed coffee


Mix it all together in a blender


Enjoy, if possible while sitting in the sun 🙂 !


Boost your health- green tea, orange and honey hot winter drink


This is my super tasty way of protecting myself from seasonal sickness : easy, hot and healthy morning drink. Simply pick your favourite green tea, brew it, add freshly squeezed orange juice, and a spoon of real organic honey. Voila 🙂

Green tea
1 orange
1teaspoon organic honey

Healthy berry&maple syrup smoothie


Another summer day, another way to enjoy seasonal fruits.I guess every one likes smoothies, and there is so many ways of doing them: with ice cream, milk, yogurt, just fruits, with added sugar.. Well my today’s version is actually on the super healthy side.But still so yummy and refreshing !

Organic natural yogurt
Maple syrup

I made it for two, so I had about a 1/4 of a cup of each fruit, plus 3 spoons of yogurt, and one of milk.Use as much maple syrup as you feel works best for you. Don’t worry, it hes some good micro-elements 🙂