Love is stronger than hate !


Here is a thing you didn’t know about me. Even though I wrote my master’s degree thesis about mobbing, bullying and sexual harassment, I get terribly upset in real life when these things happen to real people. I usually would distract myself not to listen to the details of someone’s bullying or harassment experience.

And since I became a mother, the tragically ending bullying stories, that we hear sometimes in the media, are literally breaking my heart. The worst part for me, is that I can’t do nothing about these things. And all these stories, they leave me with the feeling of helplessness. And honestly, it’s a pretty crappy felling. I really don’t like feeling that way, so I turn my head, tune out, or simply I shut off the tv.

Yes, I’m a bystander. I look at the misery of others, and I turn my head. I think that since I can’t do anything I’ll just stop looking. And that surely there is someone else helping. Researches shows that the more people witness a tragedy, the less chances are that someone would actually help. Because they are all bystanders. They all think that someone else will help.

So when I heard about this bulling story, my heart just sank. This 14 year old autistic boy was challenged by his classmates to do a ALS Ice Bucket challenge. But instead of cold water they threw a bucket full of urine, spit and feces. What do you do, when you hear stories like that happening ? I usually would try to forget, since there is nothing really I can do.

But I found out that there is. The words #1 found raising site, GiveForward decided that this boy and his family needs to see that love is stronger than hate. So they started a fundraiser, to get 5000$ for him and his family.

When we decide not to be bystanders any more, then magic can happen. Like it already happened for a couple of newlywed, that lost their legs during the Boston Marathon bombing. GiveForward has raised for them nearly 900$K to cover all their future medical expenses. To show them that love is stronger than hate.

It really raises my spirit to know, that there are so many people out there, who with the right resources, are making a difference.

So what we can do is either to donate, either to leave this boy a message of support. Let’s show this boy and his family that love really is stronger than hate!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of GiveForward however all opinions are my own.