Now go & be lovely


Some days I need this extra motivation to do what I need to do, to be who I wish to be. So this is my inspirational quote for today. Because I need to take care of myself, and I’m tired of my nursing mommy style. Or I just need a new haircut. Gasp. So I created this inspirational quote, using the Rhonna App, that I absolutely adore! I’ll print and hang it in my home office, as soon as it will be finally done,(another gasp). I’ll keep you updated on that, I promise :).

Until then, here are some actual printables from around the blogosphere, that you can print and hang,that I love, and I figured that you might too :

Because you should never let people to mess up with your inner shine, head over to the 30 Handmade Days blog


This one is a perfect reflection of my cooking philosophy, you can get it at the Five Heart Home blog :


And the last one that I love , from The 36th avenue blog :

Would you be using any of these? Do you like decorating with printables? If you do, and you’d wish to see more, go check my Pinterest printables board, it’s jam packed with amazing blogger creations!

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