Mary Kay Giveway !


I remember when I was 11, it was the end of summer and I was walking with my head down and my eyes down looking at my feet. And hoping that no one will talk to me or look me in the face. Because it was so full of acne. I remember how I hated it, and how I hated myself. It’s crazy how skin condition can affect how you feel and what you think. How you act. It can really affect your mental state. I remember that in the end of that summer we moved and I changed schools. And because of how I looked, I really didn’t feel like making any friends. It was a tough couple of months for me. But finally my mom have found a treatment that worked. It took months before I started looking up again. In the end my acne has passed, but I do remember how awful it is to have it. That’s why when my blogging friend from Koti Beth blog asked me if I’d like to participate in the Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System Giveway, I agreed right away! What you can win is a full set of products that work together to attack acne in multiple ways, and to keep it from forming in the first place.

Rules :

Mary Kay is sending the prize to the winner

US only

18 and up only

To participate click here :

a Rafflecopter giveaway


7 thoughts on “Mary Kay Giveway !

  1. I used to use a facial cleanser and some of their makeup which I really liked years ago. I have not used any of their products recently so I am excited to have this opportunity to win

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  2. So far my favorite Mary Kay product has been their oil-free eye makeup remover. It works perfectly and takes off all my mascara easily in minutes. Love it!

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