Family kitchen inspirations

You might not know it , but I’m a Pinterest junkie. And a decoration freak. That means I’m a home ideas hoarder:). You might want to visit my Pinterest boards, to see the amount of inspiration I’ve gathered. And today I just want to share some of my recent favourites!

So since I’m never truly done decorating, here are some of my inspiration for the perfect family kitchen. You know, the perfect spot to cook, plan your week, do homework and laugh :).

First, a coffee station! Even if you are not a parent to young kids, you might want one like that! I know it’s on my to-do kitchen list! If you’d like to see more of this fabulous family kitchen from The Inspired Room blog clic here.


Second,I need a place to expose kids art, like this from Apartment Therapy


Third, adding more colours to my breakfast nook. I need to finally paint my chairs, like this


And I really think that a chalkboard wall is one of the best ideas for a great family kitchen! You can’t say that you lost that to-do list of yours anymore! For more pictures click here.


This is my inspirational list of my kitchen improvements, I’ll keep you updated with the results, I promise :)!

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