Driftwood & feathers wall hanging


Finally I’ve got my hands on that driftwood that I’ve picked from the beach by the lake, here in Quebec, last summer. I know, it took me awhile :). At first, I wanted to make a driftwood mobile for my baby’s room, but when I’ve realized that I already have an origami paper one, I kind of lost my inspiration. But ever since I finished my master bedroom, I felt there was something missing on top of the headboard. So a couple of days ago I had this brilliant idea, to make a simple driftwood wall hanging for my beadroom. I really love how it turned out, simple but with a boho feeling. And I think that driftwood looks like a wood sculpture on it’s own. So it’s really easy to turn it in to something special, with just a bit of paint and imagination. I mean, you don’t need to be an artist to create a driftwood art! Just give it a try 🙂


What you’ll need :
Different sizes of driftwood


Start with painting the driftwood: pick three to five colours and paint stripes of different sizes on the edges.


Then wrap the straw on the bigger piece of driftwood, so you can hang it later.


Make sure that your painted driftwood is dry, and hang it on different heights using the straw. Add two or three feathers.


And here you are, your boho wall hanging is ready for adding charm in your home!


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