Grilled shrimp & vegetables pasta


I used to be scared of grilling shrimps. I thought it’s something that only great chefs do. I couldn’t be more wrong! Honestly shrimps are a no fail choise for an easy and delicus BBQ. And if you’re looking for a new summer dinner recepie, than this easy mouthwatering pasta is what you need :)! Even my toddler loved it, but she adores anything that has shrimps in it. And I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t like pasta !

Shrimps for grilling
Bell peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Herbes de province

1/4 cup garlic flower
Fresh egg pasta
Olive oil


Cut all of the vegetables in stripes, put them in a bol, add 1 spoon of olive oil, 1 spoon of herbed de province and mushrooms cut in halfs. Grill it all until soft, then add cherry tomatoes, grill 3 minutes and remove from heat.


Grill the shrimps until they become pink.


Now mix cooked pasta with 1 spoon of olive oil and garlic flower.


Serve with white chilled wine at the table full of friends and family :). Enjoy !

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