Toddler art: 2d mixed media paper flower


Almost every morning after breakfast my daughter asks me if she can paint or do some crafts with me. Usually I tell her that she can draw alone while I’ll clean and take care of her sister. It’s not exactly what she hopes for, but most of the time she agrees. So on the days when I tell her that I have more time and we can do something special she’s really very enthusiastic and cooperative. And I just love inventing pretty little projects that she can actually make on her own, only with my guidance . So this project was really fun to make for the two of us. And I guess I can say that it’s her first mixed media piece of art šŸ˜‰


One toilet paper roll
Black cardboard
Colourful tissue paper
Decorative straw


Cut toilet paper roll in to 2 centimetre wide pieces. Glue them on the cardboard in to a flower shape:


Roll the tissue paper in to small balls, and glue them insight of the paper towel ” petals”:


Glue as much decorative straw around it as you wish :). My daughter felt like the flower needed plenty !


Add a Pompom in the middle of a flower.


And bravo, you just made a lovely, 2d mixed media piece of art !

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