Mom’s summer style

Ok, so the point is that since becoming a mother my point of view on fashion slightly changed. It’s not about what is sexy, cute and fun as it used to be. ( and I do admit it with a sight ). It’s all about comfort in stead :). The comfort of nursing a baby. The comfort of running around after a screaming toddler. The comfort of sitting on the ground and playing blocks. And so on:). So after comfort comes cute and fun. And let’s just forget about the sexy;) . Here are my comfy and in my opinion fun pieces for summer, the ones in which it’s possible to breastfeed, run and play 🙂 :

Mom's summer style

2 thoughts on “Mom’s summer style

  1. hi there! if i tell you that i’ve read your full posts i’ll be lying i only scrolled trough your posts to see that you, lady, are my kind of girl. you like everything i do: fashion, baking (am not even ashamed to admit that i gain weight because i eat too much pastries. i can just blame it on all those who “invented” them). i am new in the blogosphere and would like your precious input of my first post and i’ll appreciate if you follow me back. thanks.

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