Apple & endive grilled cheese


Everyone loves grilled cheese, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Sometimes though it feels like it’s not the healthier lunch option. But if you add some crunchy apples and fresh endives it becomes a bit healthier, right? Ok, maybe I’m just fooling myself :). Anyway this grilled cheese made with Havarti and Oka cheese, is the most chewy, yummy and delicious I had in ages! I imagine that if you prefer a more classic cheese it’ll do as well, although I truly suggest to try it with this divine combination.


Havarti cheese
Oka cheese
4 medium endives
1 big apple
lemon juice

Slice apple and endives, and toss it together on medium heat with lemon juice for around 3 to 4 minutes:


Place Havarti slice on the bread, add some sautéed apple and endives, and top with slices oka cheese and another slice of bread:


Now heat your sandwich on butter until it gets golden, and the cheese starts to melt.


Serve with cold beer :). Enjoy!

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