Bunny paper cozy


This is what we made today, a paper Easter bunny cozy 🙂 . Not like we needed one of those, it was just fun to make, and my daughter decided that her juice was much better this way 🙂 .
Here is what you need :


Plastic eyes
Pipe cleaners
Paper clip

So first let your child colour a piece of paper, than cut a long strap . It needs to be big enough to fit a bunny face around 5 cm let’s say 🙂 . Let your child draw a bunny nose ( or do it yourself ) and show them where to glue the plastic eyes. Now prepare the ears out of the pipe cleaners, and clip them on to bunny’s head. When you are done, wrap your bunny cozy around your child’s favorite cup, and clip the paper in the back so it’s tight and it doesn’t slip off. And it’s ready to be used 🙂 .


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