Enjoy the little things


I truly believe that happiness depends on our attitude towards the life events, our positive or negative interpretation of what happens around us, and of our appreciation of the little things. Like a cup of coffee in the old and lovely cup, my child laughing out of some silly joke she made that nobody but her understands, pretty sky above us, my cats cuddling and purring, and a nice and big cup of tea in the afternoon. I made this cozy out of an old sweater, just by cutting the age of the slave last fall. This fall I added a little personal message. I guess you could use a sharpie pen, but I used pebeo paint for porcelain and my favorite IKEA cup. I took 30 minutes plus another 60 in the oven. You could either do that, or go on ETSY, and for sure you’ll find your cup with a message.


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