Easy cauliflower & cumin soup


I’m a Queen of easy cooking. I do admire the complicated, time consuming, and fancy technique demanding style of cooking, but honestly, that’s never gonna be me. There is just to many other activities : reading,walking to the park, looking at the sky, getting to know cats from the neighborhood and crafting; all with my toddler.. Or resting after all that we did with my toddler 🙂 So here is another no time consuming, no fancy technique demanding and not complicated , yet very delicious soup of mine.

1 liter of chicken broth
1 medium cauliflower
3 medium potatoes
1/4 of a spoon of grounded cumin

Heat your broth, add cut in pieces cauliflower and potatoes. When veggies will get soft add cumin. Mix it well( wit a hand mixer). Serve with nachos, bread or crackers. You can add some sour cream. Enjoy!

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